Hire A Managed IT Service?

Eon Computer Services

is here to help you with its enhanced IT services for businesses and companies. We work for small and big businesses to make their IT programs run smoothly. Working in the industry for the past 15years, we have become the first choice for managed IT services in Arizona and also have clients all over the US.

Why do you need a managed IT Service?


1. Cost-Effective

Hiring a managed IT service helps you to cut your costs in the IT department because you don’t have to pay continuously for things and services which you don’t want to use for a while. You will just have to pay for the service you need for your business.

2. Professional Service

It is very difficult to hire the right person for an IT job especially when you or your HR manager has no idea what kind of person they are looking for. An outsourced IT service has professionals and experienced people which reduce the risk of hiring the right person.

You don’t have to pay high wages to your IT experts and consultants. The hiring and training process requires a good amount of money and still, there is no guarantee if the hired person will be able to fix your IT issues or give your company the boost you are looking for! You don’t have to go through these issues with a hired IT service.

3. Improved  IT Services

IT service providers are experienced professionals with the latest technological trends and methods. They know how to do things in a different yet effective way and give profitable results to your company. Their services are on point and worth buying!

4. Focus on your Business

When you are working with an outsourced IT service provider, you can easily focus on your core activities instead of wasting your time in getting the best IT staff. Your time, energy and money will be invested in something good for the company.

5. Reduced Risk

The best thing about having a managed IT consultant on your side is that it’s not your headache if something bad happens. Your outsourced IT company will be responsible to fix all of your IT issues. You can always contact/inform them of the problems and they will be there to help you.



4 + 12 =


Small to mid size companies make up the majority of our business because they focus on their core goals and getting work done by outsourcing. Invest in something you can be happier at the results and a professional IT service will help you boost your business!

IT services:



Eon Computer Services offers professional Information Technology services to small and big business owners to make their business productive. Our IT Network services include:


Running a business or company becomes tougher when you have to include high tech gadgets, computers, laptops, and servers involved. It is stressful to handle the IT department of the business because one mistake can ruin your whole business plan; you don’t want that!


Brent started IT consultation for small companies in 2002 and after realizing just how underserved small businesses were, he found founded Eon Computer Services with the intention of being a “service first IT company”. If you’ve ever been through a Ticketing/on hold system that delivers you to someone that feels like they are only trying to get you off the phone or having onsite technicians that have difficulty with basic social interactions, then you understand the purpose behind Eon.