IT Consulting and What is it?

An IT Consultant advises, assists and plans the design of an IT structure.  This level of expert knowledge is oftentimes something that is not needed on a day to day basis of a regular IT department.  It is a vital step when trying to launch new systems or change in company-wide software. Our IT Consultant can help train your IT department on how to further and better maintain new systems and operations.  It is also a wonderful tool for determining what systems you need in place. If you have a problem such as inventory tracking, shipping issues, or production issues that you feel can be automated in some way, you should consult our IT consultants.  We have worked at setting up various IT infrastructures that can handle the day to day operations of a business. We can not only set this all up for you but manage is at well, meaning you no longer need an internal IT department, which can bring significant cost savings to your business.  If you are looking to improve the methods that your businesses use to get the tasks at hand completed, give our IT Consulting company a call.


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The cost of an IT consultant ranges from $175 – $294/hour depending on their specialty and expertise.  This is also dependant on how rare the infrastructure is. Like everything, if there is a large enough demand, there will be more people knowledgeable in it.  However, if it is very specialized then it will cost more as there are fewer people that can assist with it. The cost of an IT Consultant though will pay for themselves several times over when the install is complete.  This will help your business grow and expand in ways that you never thought possible without the automation and assistance the IT can bring.


Many times the software used needs to be logged in from various areas and it would be best if it were some sort of cloud base.  Not a problem. We offer hosting solutions for this that will free up your workers and allow them access from wherever they are.

What are the benefits

Having someone that is knowledgeable in what operation you are trying to perform, in the software and the setting up of the entire IT infrastructure is huge.  Trying to do something like this on your own could be a recipe for disaster. Allowing a basic IT department to try to figure it out, could lead to a frustrated team and people leaving to find work that is less frustrating.  The benefits are huge in getting this right and that’s why you need a professional leading the way.

Having your system just work, makes everyone happy.  Let’s be honest, we rarely think much about something until it is not working correctly.  And, during those times, it can get pretty frustrating. However, have it installed professionally and you have to do nothing but wait and learn at the end?  That is priceless. You and your IT department’s time is more important than trying to remake the wheel that we have already made. Give us a call and let us set up your IT infrastructure today.