Managed IT services are perfect for small or medium businesses.  Why have an IT person on staff when you can have your IT needs managed by an outside source for less?  This is a common mistake that many business owners make, they think that having a person right there is worth all the extra headaches. However, if your IT needs are managed properly, you shouldn’t have any headaches, and when you do, we are just a phone call away.  Our services can remotely log in and take a look at what you have going on. If needed we certainly can send out a support expert as well. We work hard to actively monitor the systems to ensure that your computers and other IT needs are taken care of.  



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Managed IT solutions are perfect for businesses.  You will know what your costs are each and every month.  Never worry about having to pay overtime again, with our monthly managed IT costs.  And, you will have a better outcome than having an onsite staff. Think about it, we want to keep your business and by going above and beyond your expectations we are going to do just that. 

Having a team of experts at your fingertips means that you will have a dedicated service that you can trust.  This allows for a peace of mind that everything is taken care of in your IT department and you have nothing to worry about.  There isn’t going to be any hiring or people leaving, as it is not your concern. We just provide you with the great service you expect.  That’s it. That is all you have to worry about in your managed IT services. So, worry about more important things such as growing your business.  And, the cost is consistent, each and every month. Can’t get better than that. 



IT infrastructure you can choose which monthly plan is best for you.  If you are a smaller company with only a few computers than you don’t need a huge plan, you don’t have much to watch and maintain.  However, a company with lots of robots and manufacturing equipment might need something a little more robust and we can do that too.  For the personal computers to the robots and CNC machines, we have you covered at a great monthly rate that we are sure you will simply fall in love with. 

There is no more overtime, vacation pay or anything that is involved with having your own employees.  You simply just pick a plan and let us do all the heavy IT lifting for you. If you have any questions, give us a call!  We are happy to help you understand this process and how it will certainly benefit your business. Every business needs IT backing, and even if it is only once in a while.  And, it is nice to have someone you can count on and trust. We offer expert service and aim to please all of our clients with our dedication to the IT industry.


We live in a world where no business can progress without information technology. Managing IT systems and plans is a tough job that requires time, energy and money. You need the right person for the right job at the right place and that is not as easy as it seems!

High Labor Cost

You will have to invest a huge amount on training the people you have hired for the IT job you need to be done. The training sessions are long and require professional expertise, time and investment to produce an individual you need in your business. Not having an outsourced IT company will just increase the labor cost of your business, including insurance, days off and paid sick leave. By outsourcing your Information Technology services, you don’t have to worry about those things.

Higher Risk

The rise always resides over you because you are controlling everything in the business. A single mistake in the IT plan will affect your whole business plan and can also make you face a big loss. You will always have to set up an expert team for your emergency issues and unexpected situations. With the help of an outsoursed IT company, the risk is always their responsibility.




Distracted Focus

When there is no one at the backend to look after all the IT departments and manage it well, you will have to pay more attention to it. The core competencies of business are highly affected if you are not giving your best.

Limited IT Services

When you are not hiring an IT company then you have limited IT experts on board with specific specialization and expertise. They are experts in the type of work they know and cannot resolve other unexpected issues or devise new plans. Tech is such a field that you need a specialist in each step of your business plan.

A single issue of search engine optimization can’t be resolved by a developer, similarly, recovery and backup data storage cannot be managed by a developer. You need a professional team on board to have all the necessary IT services which are not possible with the employees you have.

Even if you have the best team on board its not always a YES that they will be able to fix an unexpected issue in the server/system.

On-call IT & Monthly Plans

With Eon Computer Services, you can get the work done any time you want. You can call us for one day or even a one hour job or you can have a contract for a specific period. Most of our clients choose to hire us on a monthly retainer and we will consult on an as needed basis.

Having a professional IT company like Eon Computer Services is always a win-win when it comes to the progressive growth of your business.